Agemo Technology, Inc. provides information assurance solutions and services to small, medium, and large businesses. Our goal is to achieve maximum satisfaction from our customers by providing leading edge technology and innovative security solutions on time, every time.

Centralized in the heart of the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia.  Agemo’s cost effective information assurance capabilities include:

Needs Assessment

In strengthening the cybersecurity posture of an organization, Agemo will perform a review of not only the technical solutions within an organization, but the logical solutions (such as mission, policy, and operating procedures) as well. By performing a needs assessment first, we are able to save our customers’ valuable resources by ensuring they do not apply assets to areas that are not cost beneficial.

Information Systems Security Engineering

Agemo applies security engineering throughout the system engineering cycle that ensures a functionally-sound and secure solution is delivered as an end product. Agemo’s experienced security engineers apply cost-beneficial solutions that make sense to our clients.

Security Auditing

At the request of customers, Agemo provides in-depth security audits in accordance with HIPPA, PCI/DSS, and THE GRAMM–LEACH–BLILEY ACT.

Penetration Testing

Agemo performs penetration testing at the beginning of the overall assessment and at the conclusion to illustrate a before and after of your cybersecurity posture. To do this, we use a series of security tools that work to circumvent your security control in order to avoid making modifications to your network.

Risk analysis

We use the information from our comprehensive audits and testings to identify vulnerabilities and perform risk assessments. These assessments allow us to compile an extensive risk analysis for our customers.

Security Authorization

(formerly called Certification and Accreditation)
Our workforce has a wealth of experience with performing Security Authorization processes for IC, DOD, civil federal agencies or commercial clients. We have the knowledge and experience to streamline the security authorization process and save our customers’ critical resources.

Independent Verification and Validation

Agemo provides either Project-based testing to ensure projects remain within budget; a comprehensive IV&V audit to examine both project and test components, assuring that product is built correct and the right application is built; or Third-Party testing to detect and eliminate defects before users ever experience critical or severe issues.

Network Device Management

Agemo’s team of experienced and certified professionals have the expertise to provide superb management of firewalls, routers, switches, cross-domain systems, guards, and encryption devices.


Agemo provides its customers with information assurance and cybersecurity training that encompasses US legal requirements and industry best practices. Additionally, we can provide jump-start training to accelerate the knowledge of the novice user in helping identify and maintain any breaches to a network or system.


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