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  • To Meet Business Needs

    The 21st Century Technology Business Services industry partnership strives to identify and solve the workforce needs of industry within Maryland regional labor market to satisfy businesses’ need for skilled workers and workers’ based on a report titled State Sector Strategies, Coming of Age.

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  • To Face Critical Tasks

    The nation’s state government policymakers and administrators of agencies concerned with economic growth and prosperity are facing two critical workforce tasks: 1) adding and expanding businesses in a down economy, and 2) meeting the needs of business for a skilled workforce.

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  • To Ensure Residents are Ready

    These key stakeholders need to ensure that residents in their jurisdictions have the necessary education, training, and skills required for obtaining living wage employment opportunities in their geographical region. Based on this report, the key challenge is that presently the U.S. is faced with a national skills gap.

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Our Workforce Challenge

In response to these referenced workforce challenges that exist in the overall United States economy, the State of Maryland has established EARN Maryland Initiative, a new state-funded, competitive workforce development grant program with leadership provided by industry, and is regional in its primary focus because it is a proven strategy for helping businesses cultivate skilled workforce they need to be competitive in the market place.

What EARN Is About

The EARN Maryland Initiative objective is to invest resources in strategic industry focused partnerships from key economic sectors in every geographical region of the state. Regional industry focused partnerships will be established, and after they have been formed, the partnerships will develop plans to train and educate workers —– and support placing them in meaningful employment.

Therefore, strategic industry partnerships target industry-focused workforce development career pathway system that provide 21st Century Technology Business Services (21st TBS) throughout the state of Maryland.

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